Government Contracting

The government is the single largest purchaser of goods and services in the country. The growth of this market makes it attractive to companies that want to capitalize on the ongoing efforts to modernize, streamline and outsource government services.

If you're considering doing business with State or Local governments, you need to have a plan. Let us help. At DH Consult, we will help you :

  • Identify what services and/or goods you want to market and sell.
  • Determine what agencies may need your goods and services.
  • Analyze your potential profitability in doing business with the government.
  • Locate partners or sub-contracting arrangements that may make sense.
  • Manage the potential organizational impact of government contracting.

By helping you make a plan for entering and selling in the government market, we help reduce the risk and maximize your potential return.

DH Consult offers a wealth of experience in identifying opportunities for companies to grow by developing and executing a plan for doing business with government agencies.